Tuesday, March 27, 2012

crossing my fingers for the summer

Spring Break did a lot for me.
I got enjoyed my first warm beach, got kind of tan, had my first anxiety attack, made new friends, and just was happy wearing dresses and not doing my make up or hair ever.
It also made me extremely summersick. (summersick is like homesick only you're just really wishing you could be in summer time.)
It's a hard thing, because I'm obviously enjoying being in an elementary school (maybe it's not obvious? it is to me. and now to you, i guess.) But at the same time I just really really really want to be out of school.
Maybe this will make me a horrible teacher someday.
But I can't help it! When the sun is shining, and you don't have to wear a jacket... you know, that kind of thing.
It's just that one day in Hawaii, I was laying on the beach reading The Hunger Games (to get ready for the movie), and I had to put the book down and close my eyes, because everything was just so beautiful. The sun was setting, and a light mist was falling around me. I looked up at the sky, upside down, and saw the most amazing double rainbow I have ever seen.

And now, whenever I close my eyes, there it is. That double rainbow.

And I really just think it's a sign, you know, that I have to go back.

p.s. elementary school quote of the day: 
small girl: wait! we have to get our jackets for spinning!
other small girl: hmm. what do you mean by spinning?

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