Tuesday, March 6, 2012

i throw parties sometimes

Jenna, Haley and Robyn having the time of their lives. And all of us, toasting to marriage or something. 
I like sparkling cider, oh yes I do. We also like candy and cheetos. And playing secret games.

This weekend was Jenna's bachelorette party.
Haley and I planned for a while. We knew that what Jenna loved most was pizza and candy.
One day I texted her just to make sure.
I said, "Jenna, what would your dream bachelorette party be like?"
And she said, "It would have pizza and candy."
So we knew we were on the right track.
We came up with some funny games.... ones that involved weird things like hiding underwear... (what? It was a bachelorette party!!) and other ones involving writing boys names down and putting them in a bowl.
We told lots of funny stories, ate lots of candy, and had a real good time.
This Friday, Jenna will be married, and I could not be happier for her! I can't wait to have the love that she has for Josh someday. *tear*

Crazy week coming up! I leave to Hawaii tomorrow night, Haley goes to the MTC tomorrow morning, and Jenna gets married on Friday without either of us.

Ah, life.

p.s. tomorrow evening may be the happiest time of my life. so. that's good.

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