Sunday, March 18, 2012

i'm baaaaaacccckkkk

I know what you're thinking right now,
you're thinking, 
"why couldn't Madeline have some guest posters while she is gone like all the fancy bloggers do? why did she leave me alone with nothing fun and entertaining to read?"
Well, I missed you all too. 
I didn't bring my computer to Hawaii because I didn't want to carry it. But I did miss blogging. And I realize that I now have a lot to catch up on. Which is why my Hawaii trip will be documented this WHOLE WEEK! Get excited, and get ready to cry when it's over. Because that's basically how I feel right now.

we're the cool car. me, Stu, Jaron, and Kjarinda. We eat pringles and wear sunglasses. Oh wait, that's me.

then sometimes when we get to the airport and realize we have two hours until we can even check in, we're so tired that we fall asleep on a bench in weird positions. wearing hats.

then when we finally check in, with our EXACTLY 50 lb bag, we realize we're hungry and walk five miles through the airport to find a Jamba Juice.

when we finally get on the plane, I'm so happy I have to cuddle with the blanket they gave me for a picture. Still wearing the hat.

We're happy campers in Honolulu, just waiting for our next plane to Maui. Did I mention I love my hat? Haha, no I really do love it, but I was wearing it because otherwise it would get crushed in my suitcase. I knew you were wondering, so...

But when we get to Maui it's POURING RAIN AND WINDY! So I feel like it's a good time to tie my scarf around my hat. Traveling for 28 hours does weird things to people.

and when we finally reach hawaii, these are our faces.

 That's all for now folks! I gotta head to bed. Stay tuned for pictures of deep blue water, crazy sunshine, and ridiculous sunsets.

.... not to mention some chocolatecoveredbananabreadicecreamsandwiches.

and yeah, you gotta say it like that.

p.s. my beautiful friend Jenna got married last Friday! As her MIA maid of honor, I surprised her with a little speech that you can read here.

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