Monday, March 19, 2012

mahalo for joining us

Today I went back to school.
This result of this was that every time I thought about Hawaii, I felt like someone had just broken up with me.
Luckily second graders are cute and entertaining.

But since I know you're all dying for more about Hawaii, because vacations sometimes end far too soon, here are some more pictures to fill the void.

When Kjarinda and I were packing for Hawaii, we asked ourselves, "should we pack make-up and hair products?" And ourselves answered, "why worry about getting ready in Hawaii? Just throw on some mascara and call it good." And so we did. Taking Hawaii all natural style.

There are really gorgeous flowers in Hawaii. I took many flower pictures. These are always the pictures that I look back and think.. pretty, but why did I feel the need to take so many? I believe it was worth it this time.

There are a lot of cemeteries in Hawaii. At first this was weird. And then I realized we were on an island... there has to be somewhere to bury these people!

We found this beach that I thought was just about the prettiest. I was wrong. There are far prettier beaches. But hey, it was my first time EVER at a beach that had slightly warm water. I was naturally thrilled.

I guess when you're in Hawaii with your friends you feel the need to take cheesy hand holding pictures in the water. No Spring Break Flings for us ladies...

Sometimes in Hawaii, palm trees grow sideways out of the ground by very large very fancy resorts.

Very large very fancy resorts seem to want to make you as comfortable as possible... this is not where I stayed. I was just enamored with the chairs and the hammock.

You've probably noticed by now that I'm wearing my hat again. In the picture above I'm really excited because I'm at a place called "Dragon's Teeth" where waves come crashing up the rocks and make things very wet. It was windy. So I had to hold onto my hat with one hand. This was for good reason.

Kjarinda and I were bracing ourselves to get very wet. The wind is making me look like I have a hunch back. This is not the case. My back is perfectly normal.

Friends. You may notice that Jaron is holding onto both our hats. This is because mine blew off almost into the ocean. Picture me hiking up my skirt and booking it across those rocks. Kicking of my shoes on the way. Because that actually happened. And the hat made it home safely. (and into a lot more pictures, I might add!)

A highlight from this day that was NOT photographed (darn people with cameras acting too slowly haha) was that we went to a restaurant called Cheeseburger's in Paradise near the harbor in Lahaina. It had live music and the best cheeseburgers I've had in a while. It was a 14 year old's birthday, and the old man playing the music asked me to come up and give the boy a kiss on the cheek. So, of course I did. But then the man made me kiss him on the cheek too! Well, it was spring break so I couldn't say no. And the little boy's mother paid for my meal, so it was totally worth it. 

p.s. quote of the day from elementary school, "I like art. I like art a lot. I tell my dad I want to be an artist, but he tells me I would be a better doctor. Sometimes though, I pretend to be sick, just so I can sit around and do art."

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  1. I love this - I am so glad you had a ton of fun! No makeup is the best on vacation. And hello, this cute Kjarinda girl? Why is her skin so perfect?! I am so jealous.


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