Tuesday, March 20, 2012

i'm a fan of these things

Time for the next installment of Hawaii photos. 
On this day, we spent time exploring.
We actually spent a good chunk of it in the Costco parking lot.. but I would rather not dwell on that fact. 

DESPITE the costco parking lot, we had many adventures. 
Including but not limited to...

 I can't remember what this tree is really called, but I do remember that when Jaron said the name, I thought he said, "Bonding Tree". So that's what I fondly think of it as. 

And after christening it the Bonding Tree, I made my friends "bond" with me on it. I'm not sure what will happen to us because of this. Only good things I assume.

At one point I thought I should take a picture with this man. Note the sandals. They are the special Aloha sandals. I wore them almost as much as my hat.

We did not eat at Bubba Gump's. I've heard it's overrated. But picture me saying, "Kjarinda! Kjarinda! Sit there. Let me take your picture." Because that happened.

And this is the pretty Lahaina street we spent all morning walking up and down.

After the Costco incident, our friend Nicki alerted us to the fact that there was a Swap Meet just up the street. We ran there quickly. We bought Guava jam and a ukulele. It was good. Hawaiian people are so nice.
 Later in the day we went on a hike. This was a very steep trail. Many friends were running up it. I refrained. Why run? We're in no hurry.
 We love hikes and green places and warmth. Hang loose.

These pictures do not even do the scenery justice. That hike was SO worth it. 


We found these little plants that when you touch them, they curl up in fear. It was entertaining, but in a good way. Not like we're mean to plants. That just sounded mean.

 After that we drove on a very windy, very narrow right next to a cliff, one way road to find Lorraine's. We heard that this is where Brad Pitt gets his shaved ice. We also heard that Lorraine sells something very delectable called a Chocolate Covered Banana Bread Ice Cream Sandwich. So naturally, we had to brave the road and get there.

This was the result and it was delicious. I would highly recommend this.

 We ate at a place called the Aloha Mixed Plate. It was so so, but genuine Hawaiian food which was an experience that would have been terrible to miss. 

And last but not least... of course we found a karaoke place. I sang Hotel California with some friends - it wasn't as fun to sing as we pictured in our heads.

So there you have it! Another day in Hawaii.

p.s. drooling over the Hunger Games soundtrack right now. Cannot wait for the movie. 

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