Monday, April 9, 2012

birthdays are the best

Hello hello hello! Here I am, coming back atcha after a wild birthday weekend. Full of sinking ships, friends, family, and lots and lots of shopping. Seriously, so much shopping. I dreamed about shopping last night. On my actual birthday, I woke up at 8:30 in the morning, even though my alarm was set to 9:30. This was a little annoying to me, because the rest of my family was still asleep. But I just got out of bed and curled my hair. Because I thought, 22 year old girls women know how to curl their own hair. (something I've had troubles with for my whole life.) It was actually a smashing success! But anyway, then I tricked my family into making me an amazing french toast breakfast, and enjoyed a relaxing morning before jetting off to the newest shopping arena in Salt Lake City - CITY CREEK. It's a big deal, guys. We finally have a Nordtroms within 20 minutes away.

After our whirlwind shopping trip, I rushed off to meet some of my best friends for a beautiful pizza dinner and some sobbingourheartsout watching the Titanic sink in 3D. But I'm a lame-face and forgot to take any pictures of that. Darn.

On Saturday I worked really hard, and then flew off to City Creek again, because I desperately needed some rocking high heels to go with my sweet Easter dress. (outfit post coming soon maybe!) So I found some shoes, and my sisters found some dresses, and then we went to a delicious place called Ruth's for dinner. Up in the mountains all quiet. I forced my family to eat outside in the 60 degree weather, because all I wanted for my birthday for some reason was to eat outside, but it snowed on my actual birthday. (seriously!)

Olivia found the shoes of her dreams. She was in shock.

happy family!

we have fun together.
Anyway, ended off the wonderful weekend with a great Easter. And finally got to have my birthday treat of cupcakes. A perfect end to a perfect birthday.

Whoo! Extra long post. Sorry about that. Congratulations if you made it through the whole thing. Hope your Monday's are better than ever before!

p.s. so you're telling me, that after this week off, I have to go BACK to school? shoot.

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