Thursday, April 5, 2012

conversations that happen inside my head.

obviously i had nothing to wear.
1. Hello Appleton, WI. Thank you for calling me! I have no doubt that you are an extremely important automated recording. However, whatever else I am doing right now is of even higher importance, so I hope you'll forgive me for not answering.

2. Thank you, man who gave me an old toner to recycle at work today. Thank you for handing it to me and exclaiming that you hope I "have fun!". Let me tell you, there is NOTHING more fun than recyclable toner cartridges!!

3. I'm frowning at you, iPhone GPS, for leading me to the wrong place today. After I had praised you so highly to my fellow employees! That really was just embarrassing for both of us. I expect you to try very hard to gain my forgiveness.

4. So, brain, where have you been heading off to lately? Remember when we were coming home for one week for our second spring break? And you told me that you were sure once I did my laundry, I would have enough clothes and there was no reason to pack a lot? Remember when I did my laundry and realized it was mostly pajamas and undies? hmm.

5. Hey birthday! I'm looking at you! I hate that we only see each other once a year. Thank goodness we live it up when we can. I'm thinking shopping alllll dayyyy longggg, and then maybe dinner and Titanic in 3D with some of my best friends? Good. Glad you agree.

6. My dear car. My car that I have driven for many years now. How I love you! I love every bit of you. Every bit of your plain ole beige interior AND exterior. And the fact that today we drove around town with the windows down and maybe "Walking on Sunshine" came on my ipod... and maybe we were self-conscious for two seconds, but then we got over it. I just love us.


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  1. Dinner with friends, shopping, and Titanic 3D is an AWESOME way to spend ones birthday!! Have fun! :)


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