Friday, April 27, 2012

i'm the worst at good-byes

the back of my students heads.
I was prepared for today to be sad. You know, the last day that I spend with my little second grade kiddos. And boy, it did not disappoint. I mean, starting off a day with a fieldtrip that we are walking to - when a snow/hail storm comes out of nowhere? And I didn't bring a jacket? So I'm walking backwards at the front of the line, encouraging the kids to keep walking, and we'll get there soon, and just a bit farther? So we're all freezing, and we get to the - get this - ice rink. Where we are going to watch ice skaters zoom around. I was so frozen, a child tapped my shoulder and I broke into a million pieces. (that part isn't real.) Then we walk back in the freezing wind, and it turns out one of my little girls has a broken toe, and I don't know how she walked there in the first place, but eventually I just picked her up and piggy-backed her back to the school. It was fine. The other kids were jealous. But come ON, the quicker we moved, the quicker we were inside the warm school! Anyway... I'm just saying. 

The rest of the day was full of little, "WHAT?! IT'S YOUR LAST DAY?!"'s and "Are we doing science again? I like science." and "Did you bring treats for us?" and the sweetest little hugs I ever received. Man, if when I'm a real teacher I get this attached to kids... I might die.

p.s. in other news, i have a billion lesson plans to write, so i'm going to just leave you now.

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  1. When we're real teachers we are going to be so much more attached to our students. :(


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