Friday, June 15, 2012

consider me... bemused

It bemuses me that people like churros. I have never ONCE in my life craved a churro. And when I eat them, I am completely underwhelmed. It surprises me when churros come up in conversation. I forget that they are real. I just... don't.

It bemuses me that people love dogs. I don't mean love dogs. I mean LOVE dogs. I mean, pretend your dog is a child and let it watch tv and hire a babysitter and put it in clothes and call it your baby. No. To me a dog is not a baby. A dog is a really cute thing that I would like to cuddle and play with, sure. A dog is not something to devote your life to. A real child is something to devote your life to. (maybe if I ever had a dog as a pet I would understand?)

It bemuses me that people name their cars. When people call their cars names, I start to consider what I would ever call my car. I can think of nothing. My car does not need a name, it is just a thing that gets me place to place. (and does so very well I might add!) I don't want to be frantically worrying about what "Toby" might be doing in the parking lot. I will just assume that my beige Toyota Camry is, you know, parked.

And finally, the last thing that bemuses me is... chocolate. And the way people think it is the BEST. THING. EVER. (how??) I like chocolate, surely, I do. But I tire of it quickly. Hand me a pack of nerds or starbursts and don't bother me with that brown stuff. I cannot for the life of me imagine being addicted to chocolate. What a life to imagine! 

I guess people just bemuse me sometimes. But I like it.

i tried searching "bemused" on pinterest, but all that came up was like, a kitten and a pretty dress. so i tried searching "confused" and felt that this was appropriate.

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