Thursday, June 21, 2012

when there is an art fair, you might as well stumble upon it.

 On Saturday, we went to move my bed up to my town house. And while we were driving down the quaint main street of Logan, we noticed that there happened to be an arts fair off to the side! My family and I kind of have a thing for arts fairs. I mean, there's just something about them, you know? So on our way back, we decided that we should probably stop by and see what it was all about. And those hammocks up there? In that one picture? To me, that's what it was ALL about. I wish I wish I wish. It's just so cool to see all of these creative people in one place! And suddenly you are seeing things that you never knew you needed, but now you do! That is how I talked myself into buying the prettiest little gold horse-shoe necklace you have ever seen. Now I'll be lucky forever!

we make the same face when we walk, apparently.

p.s. speaking of horseshoes... have you guys checked out my PERFECT date on my dating blog? it's a true story guys.

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  1. i love art fairs and farmer's markets! they are the mother load of all things awesome


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