Friday, June 1, 2012

you're insecure, don't know what for

a sight to behold... my graduating class was bigger. ha.
Last night something wonderful happened! My lil sis Abi graduated from high school. I can hardly believe she is old enough to do such a thing, but there you have it. She'll be heading to college with me in the fall, and I could hardly be more thrilled. Graduations are a big deal. It was really cool watching all of those kids sit there in their caps and gowns. They have no idea what life is going to bring them with the end of this chapter. And this is a HUGE chapter. The end of the mandatory 12 years of school. On to independence, on to finding yourself. I remember after graduation feeling so excited for what was to come. But I've always been a person who thrives with change. I'm always ready for the next chapter, the next big plot development in my life. I want to take it head on, embrace it fully, relish the learning opportunities. I think sometimes it's human nature to get stuck, to dwell on things not being the way we planned, exactly the way we wanted. I would like to offer the opinion that those times, while confusing, may in fact be the best times in life. The thrill of adventure! What would be so great about life without a couple twists and turns? So, to all you young-uns who graduated, and even to the ones in my stage of life, congratulations! I hope you embrace your new life, and find ways to make it the grandest adventure you have ever embarked upon!

apparently someone from Hogwarts was in charge of lining everyone up... cool, huh?

p.s. i need to paint my nails. or just get rid of the polish i have on. whichever.

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