Wednesday, August 8, 2012

driving on the left side of the road.

Yesterday, the main idea was that we were going to go to Cambridge and "Punt on the Cam". I guess this is kind of a thing for England... but when we woke up that morning it was really gray and rainy outside instead of nice and sunny like the weather man said. But you know, we wanted to go, and another thing for England is that the weather changes super fast. So, we went to the "park and ride" (which is essentially a place where you park your car, and then ride a bus) and hitched a ride on a double decker bus to the heart of Cambridge itself! If you've never heard of it, Cambridge is a really awesome old city, but it also home to Cambridge University, where only the smartest of smarty pants students are accepted. The buildings there are so old and cool, you know, just like the rest of England as I am coming to find out. So, we get there, right, and my grandma says that we should wait to "punt the cam" until the weather gets a bit nicer. So we wander the shops and gaze around at things. Let me tell you, it was the best decision of my recent life to buy Hunter boots. It's wet here, and especially yesterday, they were invaluable. Anyway, me and my Hunter boots eventually trekked over to the cam (alright fine, the Cam is the Cambridge River, and punting is where you ride in a shallow boat, and an English boy with low riding pants, and wavy One Direction hair pushes the boat along the river with a long stick). It started pouring rain. And I mean, POURING RAIN. But we decided to test our English weather luck, and get in the boat anyway. I mean, we were promised that all the boats had umbrellas! So we asked our English boy, "Do we have umbrellas?" "There are no umbrellas," he answered matter of factly. "... but we were promised umbrellas..." we replied uncertainly. "There are no umbrellas." He repeated. So, we let it go. Everyone else had umbrellas, but we didn't need them! We are tough tourists!  We punted that cam in the pouring rain, laughing all the way! And mocking those ugly dorms made with modern designs! They do not fit in! England scorns you!

And well, we ended up perusing the library and seeing the original copy of Winnie The Pooh. So, despite the pouring rain, I just have to say, this experience is going quite well.

p.s. i just want to move here! in a little flat with a red door and a kitten.

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