Wednesday, September 26, 2012

i've never done a lot of things! surprise! not.

because what's more attractive than a classy cell phone picture? in the bathroom? With a peace sign? and sunglasses?
There is a MOTH flying around in my bedroom right now. It's disgusting. How did that even happen? I guess so many girls having doorstep scenes probably allows bugs to come in the doorway.

Here's the thing. And the thing is, I don't have anything extremely intelligent, thought provoking, or witty to say today. (since when do I ever?) and I mean, I've been so inconsistent with this blog, that probably no one is reading anymore. (you guys. for once i actually have other things to do! you should be proud of me!)

So I guess I'll just write down a list of things I've never done for you guys. Because for some reason I thought that would be entertaining so I wrote it in my phone under "ideas for blog posts".

Here goes nothing.

1. I have never had a cavity.
2. I have never knowingly drank caffeine. (Not because I thought I shouldn't, just because I didn't want to.)
3. I never skipped Seminary in high school.
4. I have never said a swear word.
5. I have never taken a picture of myself in the mirror. (oh, until today. can you say AWKWARD? never again.)

p.s. weekends never come soon enough, and never last long enough. sigh.


  1. goody. two shoes. (this is in reference to the seminary and swear word never-haves)

    but I love you for it. and so does Haley.

  2. No, I have been inconsistent in reading you blog! Somehow it didn't show up in my feed anymore :( But now it works again, so yay for that!

    Seriously, you never had a cavity...that's sarcasm, right?

  3. Reading, following, everything! :) I'll add you to my favorite links so I won't 'lose' you blog again haha!

    Damn, good for you and your 0 cavities. Unfortunately I have to many too often :( I just had to extract my wisdom tooth last week because the cavity was to big to fix :( :(

  4. no worries i still am reading this bloggy blog. mostly because i love it. and no worries i have been horribly inconsistent in blogging too. ps. i've never had a cavity either!

  5. I feel like Alex is really sarcastic/mean when he comments? (That's not a question, but it should be read as one.)

    I just think maybe.... he should... write something nice. That's all.



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