Monday, November 12, 2012

i'm super thankful, people. it's obnoxious.

DayQuil and some sweet words.

Today I'm sick.

Well, I've been sick since Saturday.

I took the morning off, and then ran to school at noon and taught the students the Order of Operations. We played hopscotch and talked in funny voices. (mine was unintentional, my voice is just gone... that's all.)

No matter what else happened today.. (failing a test I really needed to pass...) I am really thankful for my life. Like, seriously. My life is amazing! I barely even notice that I'm sick or that sometimes things don't happen the way I would like them, because all the basics of my life are just SO GOOD. Every day I just say thank you over and over again to my Heavenly Father for my blessings.

Is that super sappy?

Whatever, I figure it's November and all anyone is talking about lately is sappy thankful stuff, so you can't judge me.

K bye.

p.s. today though, when I failed that test, I wanted to cry real bad, but my throat hurt too much to cry, and for a second I thought, THIS IS AWFUL. But it was just a second.

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