Tuesday, March 19, 2013

thoughts on a tuesday

It's getting warmer outside. Just in case you hadn't noticed, I thought I would point it out. I mean, It's getting warmer here... in Utah. Maybe it's getting colder in other places. The point is, I feel happy about it. I feel weird coming home to a house full of girls after hanging out with my future husband all day, it feels like i'm going backwards. I had chicken and waffles yesterday night. I felt like being brave. It was pretty scary, and I actually didn't really like it. But everyone else did, so maybe it's good? Daylight savings time apparently scared the daylights out of my body, because I've been sick sick sick the past week. I feel bad I haven't blogged. But at the same time I don't feel bad. I used to want to be one of the "big" bloggers. I had a plan. I tried to be super stylish and take good pictures and write every single day. And then one day I thought, why? So I guess that was the end of that. Today Alex and I laid on a swing in the sunshine and talked about warmth and future babies and being together forever... and sometimes I think I'm going to explode because of anticipation for it all! And yet, I have to stay here, down to earth, going to school every day, and going to my math class on tuesday and thursday nights. Which means I have to go tonight. Darn.

Well anyway, that's today for you all.

p.s. only 45 days, 15 hours, 35 minutes and 53 seconds.


  1. you guys should have a baby. they're the funnest.

    you should have a boy.

    he will marry Listen.

  2. sometimes I think I'm going to explode from the inherent cuteness of your relationship

  3. jenna, isn't Listen like two years old by now?


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