Friday, April 26, 2013

being ready

it's weird. don't you think it's weird?

no. we've been preparing for this forever. i don't think it's weird at all.

i don't mean like, weird weird, just weird in the way that it's suddenly really happening.

no... i don't think it's weird.

       It is weird, though. it's weird to watch this phase of your life slowly coming to an end. in that sense, he's right. we have been preparing for it for a long time, and it's not coming any faster. but it is coming. i've spent the past five years of my life in the college-girl stage. i've stayed up late, made mistakes, not eaten enough, made big decisions, watched endless tv series, procrastinated papers, made life long friends, recognized real friends from fake ones, had broken hearts, broken peoples hearts, moved into five different places to live, tried new things, got fired, got hired, passed tests, laid in bed for far too long...and suddenly i'm here. about to start the new chapter.

he's right, he is. we're prepared. i'm ready. he's ready. but i still think it's weird. not in the bad weird way. just in the way that something we have known was going to happen for our whole lives - our whole lives - is about to happen in a week. it's a good weird. a fantastic weird. we made it through this part of our paths. we made our mistakes separately, changed separately, learned separately, found happiness separately, and eventually grew together. like our paths were slowly getting closer and closer together until they just - bump! right into each other.

i'm ready for the adventure of it all. for us to collide our paths with other people in the future, to learn and grow together, and just add new things to the mix as we go along. it's quite the ride, this life we have. but i have enough tickets to last forever, and i plan on using them.

p.s. what should i blog about these days? does love get annoying? if you have suggestions i'll take them.

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  1. I love your blog. You have a fantastic writing style. I also love, love. So keep blogging. It's fun to follow you through this stage! Congrats Mad! Can't wait to come to your wedding!!!


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