Thursday, April 25, 2013

my sister said to blog more, and i thought, hey i haven't talked about bridal showers yet!

My sweet grandma (you know the one who went to England that I visited last August?) through me the most amazing little English tea party for a bridal shower! We all had to dress up, including hats! The hats were provided when we arrived. We had the most delicious little sandwiches and treats, and the company was delightful! I always enjoy being around my family, and that day was no exception. We had a lot of fun together, and I was so spoiled! The shower was a recipe shower, so everyone gave me recipes and ingredients. I just have to say, I was the most excited for a recipe shower. There is no greater stress to me about getting married than "WHAT AM I GOING TO FEED THIS BOY?!" So, it was quite the load off my shoulders. 

Just hours after the tea party, I ventured on over to Alex's family's house and got showered with this!

I'm sorry to say I'm still not the best picture taker, so this is basically all I have for you. Please excuse my blurry hands. We played a game where I had to answer a quiz about Alex and if I answered wrong, I had to put a piece of bubble gum in my mouth! I'll have you know, I actually only missed like 4 questions. The gum was just really big, which resulted in that amazing bubble you are witnessing above. I was also very spoiled at his house, and it was so fun to get to know his family better! You never quite know what you're getting into, marrying into someone else's family, but I think I picked a pretty good group of people to adopt.

Not pictured are two other bridal showers. One was with some of my best friends, which, honestly, you don't want pictures of the stuff I got anyway.... ! We spent the afternoon chatting and catching up, and that was all I wanted! It was so fun to be with them before I get married. It really makes you remember how you got to where you are in the first place! All the wonderful people surrounding you.

The other bridal shower I actually took one picture at, but I will not put it on the internet, because I look horrible. And I usually am not that self conscious about pictures so...  you can only imagine the level of horribleness. The shower was thrown by my neighborhood, and it was just amazing! The amount of people that show up to love you when you're getting married is overwhelming, and so unexpected! I was showered with plenty of things I need very much. All of which are in their rightful places at my new apartment as we speak.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has put time and effort into showing me that they love me! It does not go unappreciated. I am thankful every day for the people and opportunities I have been blessed with. Life doesn't get much better than this, folks!

p.s. it doesn't get better... but it could go faster! 9 days!

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  1. I am so excited for your wedding. Like. So excited.

    Also. Arby's for a bachelorette party? Life can't get any better.


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