Tuesday, April 9, 2013

lately, i read things like this (and you should too!)

The fact of the matter is, I'm getting married.
And would you hate me if I said sometimes that scares me?
I don't mean, scares me as in what if i'm not making the right choice? Because I'll tell you right now, forever and always, i am making the right choice.
It just gets overwhelming sometimes, the thought that i need to be everything, and everyone for this one person. Be strong for them, be smart for them, encourage them, be kind to them, support them, and love them. And sometimes I worry that I won't be able to. I won't be enough. And how will Alex continue to love me if i'm not enough?
But that boy. It's like he can sense it, every now and then. He never forgets to tell me I'm beautiful, and that I'm doing a good job.
So last night, while reading that book up there in that picture, I started getting overwhelmed again. It's just full of SO MUCH good advice. (I mean really, everyone should read it. Single, married, engaged, whatever. It's that good.) I just started wondering how I could ever be as great as that Cutie lady. And then the thought came to me, that I will be. That I don't need to worry. We love each other, and we'll be there for each other.
And you know how sometimes you can tell someone out there (here's looking at you Heavenly Father...) is really watching you? Like, really taking notice of what you're worried about? Well, He decided to send in reinforcements.
This morning after reading that really great "16 Ways I Blew My Marriage" article, Alex texted me and said, "Do you ever feel like preparation is sometimes little helpful? ... really you just have to go do it. the action far outweighs the preparation. I bet [marriage] is different than we might think and it might be weird in some aspects. But I can't wait to start it with you."
So guess what? I think that's enough.

p.s. i bought a swim suit yesterday, and then i found out today that another store is having a sale on swim suits and i don't know if i should return the one i got and get a sale one? or what. life is full of choices.


  1. You guys. I want to be you and Alex when I grow up.

  2. sometimes you'll both fall short. that's just what we humans do. if you want my best marriage advice (because I'm an expert after a year...ha) it is to repent and to forgive, and love like crazy.

  3. have you ever been in love and then that true love left you? try being fontaine off of les mis.


  4. First of all, go with the swimming suit you like best. Summer is way too long to be in an uncomfortable or uncute suit.

    Second of all, I just ordered this book, and I'm super excited. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and recommendations :) You'll be great!


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