Wednesday, April 17, 2013

so, the funniest thing happened... just kidding. here are just a few conversations that have nothing to do with wedding wednesday whatsoever.

Alex: I'm done. Are you done?
Madeline: No, I have like four more problems left.
Alex: What's the program? Let me try.
Madeline: It's kind of fun, huh?
Alex: No. I just want you to get done faster.

S: Miss Newhouse, we can never do that again! (In scary voice)
Madeline: What? What was that voice?
S: It was an angry man!
Madeline: What was there an angry man??
S: Because! That field trip was too cold! Too long! Not nice!

S: Miss Newhouse. How long does it take to get to Salt Lake?
Madeline: It's going to take us about two hours to drive there.
S: WHAT?! How many buses are we taking? How many classes?
Madeline: Probably two buses... the whole fourth grade...
S: No! We need our own bus. We need to lay on the seats and sleep.

Madeline: Hey, David, it would probably be in your best interest if you got to work writing your paragraph.
D: Well, maybe I would if someone hadn't been annoying me all morning.
Madeline: Who? Who was annoying you? Was it Bryce?
D: Bryce? HA HA HA.
Madeline: Who then?
D: I'm afraid to say or I'll get sent to refocus...
Madeline: You can tell me.
D: (looks around, points at me)
Madeline: I'm annoying you?
D: Yeah, kind of.
Madeline: You know what annoys me?
D: What?
Madeline: The fact that you're a smart kid, and you don't do your work.

K: Well, is it not lying if you just don't tell someone something?
Madeline: I don't know, what do you think?
K: I think it's not lying. Because you're not actually saying it, you just aren't telling them.
Madeline: Ok, so say one day I saw your pencil sitting on your desk, and I thought to myself, hmmm... she doesn't really need that. And I take it. Then the next day you ask me about it, and I just tell you I haven't seen it, because I hadn't seen it THAT day... would that be ok?
K: ohhhh... nope.

Alex: (text message) It's too bad you get out late from school today, because I look really good.

p.s. how is it that i know i should be doing math homework, but i was procrastinating it, and now i realize that i can't do it because i'm out of paper? i just don't know how to feel.


  1. p.s. as a frequent commenter on your blog, I vote you get rid of the "prove your not a robot" word typing thing. That would make my life so much simpler.

  2. yeah ^

    plus, alex did look good


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