Saturday, May 18, 2013

i'm back and i have a lot to say.

Well, hey there everyone! I know I have been absent for two weeks, but I have good excuses!

1. I got married, so I was on a honeymoon... duh.
2. My new house does not have internet yet, so I'm just out of the loop! (I'm at my parents house right now, and you better believe I lugged my laptop over here, ready to blog my little heart out.)

I guess I'll give you a little update for now, and hopefully get some other posts ready for this week.

The wedding was PERFECT. Seriously, most perfect day of my life. Nothing went wrong. I'll say more about it when I get all the pictures back, but let me just leave you with this... pink cherry blossoms, tulips, sunny, barn, mix and matched... anyway, it ended up really great. I can't wait to tell you all! Mostly, I can't wait to relive it myself! The perfection was over in a blink of an eye... seriously.

After that, Alex and I jetted off (and by that I mean took a road trip) to California for a fabulous honeymoon which also was perfect. And by perfect, I mean we did have some little hiccups, but it felt really perfect because we love each other, and we're totally the gross annoying love birds.

And now we've moved into our little house on the corner, and by moved in I mean, we're bursting at the seams in there. But, I love it, and it's the coziest little thing. I will hopefully take some good pictures and get them up on this thing.

So anyway, that's the major updates, and now I'll just leave you with some quotes! Because we all know everyone (Jenna) loves those.

In the Fourth Grade:

D: What do you want to do at recess today?
W: How about sparring?

S: Mrs. Casey is not nice. I will call you Mrs. CaseyNewhouse

T: I'm glad I can call you Mrs. Casey now. It's like Miss Newhouse is gone. Now I can't come and say, "Miss Newhouse I need heeelllppppppp!!!" And be really annoying.

In the Family:

Bud: The first red flag was... (the name) Jalen. I mean, he wasn't even black.

Olivia: I just want someone who has the courage to text me and say, "yo, what up girl?"

Abi: Wait! Everyone be quiet! I think I heard a cat!

Olivia: Ok, well, we have to go. Thanks for talking to us!
(No one else is ready to go.)

Olivia: I'm just so tired of talking about it. But there was this one time...

p.s. Abi leaves this week for her mission to Texas... so weird! I love that little sis of mine! 

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  1. Love it!!!! it was fun to see all your instagram pictures also! :)
    Where are you guys living now? I wanna see more pics of your house!!


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