Monday, May 20, 2013

the day before the festivities

So, the week of the wedding, my plan was to work a half day on May 3, and then come home and help set up. But what I totally did not even think about was - no, not the fact that setting up is actually more of an all day thing - that Iron Man 3 came out the night before, and it is a tradition to go see such movies at midnight with  my sisters and brother! So, with much eye rolling from my mother (she doesn't understand, but she's still great) I drove home on May 2, and attended the movie with the siblings. It was worth it. Then, on Friday I woke up and ran down the street to get my nails re-done by the sweetest little Vietnamese lady. She had a lot of advice about being married.

So with my glitter gel nails sparkling joyously, I drove up to the barn where the reception would be held, to find my family and friends decorating. It was amazing! The chandeliers were being strung up, a co-workers son was illustrating the chalk board, and flowers were EVERYWHERE. Just like I wanted. To be honest with you, I mostly sat around all day and just watched everyone. That might sound really mean, but I felt like everyone else had pretty much grasped my vision, and they were rocking the socks off that barn. I mean, I put some table cloths on and supervised the hanging of some pictures... but I really was no help. I could not have done any of it without my mom, grandma, aunt, and friend Kelly especially. They listened to what I wanted, and really made it come to life right in front of my eyes.

It was our friend Cody who gave us those t-shirts. Funny enough, the first thing my little brother said when I told him we were getting married on May 4 was, "You can't do that! That's when all the nerds get married! May the fourth be with you!" So, no, I did not have a Star Wars themed wedding, but since it's the joke that everyone instagrammed, tweeted, and facebooked, I guess we were really in the loop with everyone else. Only our saying it had a little added meaning...

You might think setting up the day before would be a really stressful time, but I found it so relaxing. Not just because I wasn't doing much, but because I was surrounded by so many people I loved, and I knew that nothing really mattered as long as Alex and I ended up married the next day. (which we did!) We had a quiet family dinner that night, and enjoyed each others company. It was the best day before the wedding I have ever and will ever have, and I couldn't have asked for anything more!

p.s. we'll just go to the honeymoon next, since i don't have wedding pictures quite yet...

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  1. hmm alex's smile looks a little crooked.......hmm ;)


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