Friday, May 24, 2013

we had to take the towels, ok?

For our last day in California, we thought we'd take it down a notch, and spend a relaxing day at the beach. One problem... we forgot beach towels! Rather than run over to the local Target and buy a couple, we decided to just take the hotel towels and then bring them back. Not a big deal, everyone does it, right? Right. Only Alex was a little nervous, and decided rather than just carry them our in our arms, to deflect questioning, he would put them in his suit case. Ok, Mr. Casey. Whatever you say. (It's cool, I think he's cute.)

The most shocking news of the whole morning though, was when Alex informed me that he hasn't been to the beach since he was two years old when he lived in Hawaii. I was like WHAT?? Not because he hasn't been, I actually think that's pretty common. But the fact that we had never discussed that before? The beach is a very important part of my life, I just feel like it should have come up in some conversation before we got married. Guess not... so that just made me even more excited to go. 

first time on the beach. first observation? "waves are weird."

first foray into the water. I joined him shortly after, but I had to capture this moment, you know?

After a while of surfing the waves (him) and standing nervously in water up to your waist (me), we decided to walk on over to Ruby's diner on the pier. It was, and always is, a good decision.

he's very attractive.

we got seats right by the window!

his first Ruby's shake. Cookie Dough.

We were about to head back for the day, but in the end, decided to stay on the beach a little bit longer. It was a good time.
He headed back into the water, and I watched from afar. But it wasn't long, because suddenly, he was brushed by a baby sting-ray in the shallow waves, and decided that his wading in the water time was over with. It just takes a little encounter with sea life to remind you that the ocean is a little dodgy sometimes... But we both loved it, and it was our favorite part of the trip!

The next day we woke up early and headed back... back to real life! More to come on all that, hopefully.

p.s. these were all scheduled posts, so i don't know when i'll write again, but i hope you enjoyed this. whoever you are.

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