Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I somehow found my way to the internet...

When  I was planning out my bridals, those pictures up there? That was what I wanted the most. So I guess you could kind of say I forgot that the bridals are supposed to be mostly about me. But my mom didn't forget... It took her a while to come around to the fact of Alex seeing me before the wedding in my dress. She realized how worth it it all was after seeing these pictures though. I mean, did you see that third one? My Alex is quite the stoic, quiet, non-expressive guy. So that picture is pure gold to me!

Anyway, I thought I'd try my hand at this blogging business again, and entertain you all with scattered pictures of bridals and stories from my new married life. But oh... where to begin? Today is our one month anniversary, and I really can't believe it. I mean, I can't believe it's ONLY been one month. It feels like a lifetime already! And I mean that in the best possible way. I always heard that it was a tough adjustment learning to live with someone 24/7 and meshing your lives together and all that blah blah blah, but it's been the easiest. Mostly because of Alex, I think. He's really good at being married. I mean, he makes the bed like, EVERY day.

Now if you'll all excuse me... I just realized it's our one month anniversary and I love the kid like crazy, and I'd better tell him. So if you don't like mushy stuff... you better flip back to Facebook like, now.

Alex- This past month has been the absolute best. I always thought it would be the funnest to be married to you, and wake up to you every day, and this has far exceeded my expectations! You're the sweetest, gentlest (except for when you pulled the covers away last night??), smartest, funniest, best looking man I know. I love it when you smile at me, and kiss my cheek, and kiss my hair (even though you always deny it) while we're on the couch. I love how you make an effort to love things I love, and you always seem grateful when I make an effort to love what you love too. I think we're pretty good at this so far. (And the funniest thing is that I don't think we've taken any of the dumb advice from that class!) We are my favorite couple. I'm excited to have many more months with you!

Love love love,
your wife.

p.s. what? don't look at me that way. he's the coolest.

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