Thursday, June 13, 2013

i need a hobby.

look at this random photo of me I just found! stunning. I know.

Hey friends. I stumbled into the library, yet again, because I can't seem to cure my need to be connected to the world with internet. (Something that we are totally in the process of getting... but have decided to not be stressed about by any means... I can't decide how I feel about it.)

Every day, I wake up with a list of things that I need to do. I used to be a pretty irresponsible/unmotivated person, especially when it came to lists, but I always thought to myself, self! When you get married, that's going to change. You'll have your own life. You'll be in charge. If you don't get it done, no one will!

And what do you know? I seem to have been right! I always get everything done. I'm kind of thinking this is probably just because it's summer and I don't have a whole lot else to be doing... but I'm just going to roll with it.

The problem is, I get it done really fast, and then I have to find other ways to be entertained.

You guys, I need a hobby.

My whole life I have gotten away with having zero hobbies! Sure, when people asked what I did in my free time, things got a little awkward. I mean, how can you explain to person after person that all you do is read, and expect them to understand? But I persevered through it. But now... it seems a little sad and pathetic that I honestly have NOTHING to do.

So if anyone has any hobbies they would like to recommend, I'm all ears. (or eyes, I guess since you would most likely leave a comment?)

Anyway, that's all for today folks. Peace.

p.s. summer is here and my house is HOT. just another reason to book it to the library.


  1. I like to crochet, it was nice while the husband was playing video games and I could still kinda spend time with him haha.
    I also paint, stalk blogs, and try to stay in touch with people... But that is it for me haha! I can't think of anything else I do...

  2. I make cookies. But that's very unhealthy and will someday make me and my family obese. So now I plan on running.

    Also, I used to make greeting/thank you/blank inside cards. That was fun.

  3. Running is a great hobby. Also, some people scoff at this but I think reading is a hobby and I always mention it when asked the question. Blogging is also a hobby.

  4. Come be my B.C. how about... Yeah. That sounds like a grand idea for a hobby.


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