Thursday, June 27, 2013

words of wisdom(?) by madeline

q. why do girls go to the bathroom at the same time as each other?
a. because girls by nature don't like talking about the bathroom, so we wait for someone who is brave enough to mention it, and then we go with them.

q. what is the deal with "selfies" on instagram?
a. we're sexy and we know it.

q. how do i know if i'm dating the guy for me?
a. you always feel comfortable around him, he makes you smile, and he never makes you question yourself. oh, and he also cooks more often than you. that's good too.

q. what is the difference between a facebook status and twitter?
a. there is literally no difference. except on facebook you can write as much as you want about all your problems and nothing will stop you. Twitter will at least limit you to 140 characters. Also, twitter has an air of "class" about it that facebook severely lacks.

q. what would be the point of waking up to exercise and start eating healthy and all that jazz?
a. well, you'll be healthy. And you'll look better in your selfies.

q. i have a lot of good pictures of myself and can't choose a facebook profile picture, which one should i choose?
a. if someone is looking at your profile picture, they are stalking you, and they want to see your face close up. if you're cool with that, post a selfie. if you're less cool with that, post a picture of you with a group of friends, it also makes you look more popular and fun that way.

q. i find myself unable to use modern day abbreviations in conversation. am i a bad person?
a. no, you're the best person i know.

q. my husband leaves his clothes on the floor, and i don't know how to train him to put them away!
a. it's easy. you tell him that you will throw all his clothes in the hamper, dirty or clean, if he doesn't put them where they go. in the beginning, he'll laugh at you like you're oh so funny. In the middle, he'll put them away in the wrong places to tease you. In the end... well... i'll let you know.

a selfie for your viewing pleasure

p.s. i got my wedding pictures back! stay tuned for a gorgeous post of those babies.


  1. Depending on the Twitter account #KanyeWestisajerk

  2. I just love reading your posts. :) You make me smile.


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