Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Good Things #2

sometimes sisters go on missions. This is a good thing, but also, I miss her.

So, I kind of liked listing my Good Things last week, and thought maybe I'd try to do it weekly. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here, don't get your hopes up, because I mean, how long have I been teasing those wedding pictures?? Right. It will happen. We just all need to be patient, because as they say, it is a virtue. 

On to Good Things from this week! 

1. It was my husband's birthday, so we got to celebrate our little hearts out.
2. I actually talked to someone in church on Sunday! Well, she talked to me. And I can't really remember her name... but I'm telling you guys, it is HARD to be the new girl in town sometimes, so this was a big deal.
3. We bought ice cream, and it's in our freezer RIGHT NOW.
4. I have worked out consistently for a few days now. Yay for fitness!
5. I have lots of cute clothes in my closet.
6. I am going to the Nordstrom sale this weekend to add to my collection of cute clothes, and hopefully find appropriate Teacher Wear, since I am going to be a bonafide Fourth Grade Teacher this year and I should probably look extra good so that people get a good first impression.
7. I watched Safe Haven alone last night. It was scarier than I anticipated, but I am also a jumpy sort of person when it comes to home alone activities. However, I had a funny text conversation with my sister about it, and it was good. It's the small things, you know? (the little boy is super annoying, right? in the movie?)
8. The Bachelorette is almost over. Is it just me, or is this season a drag?? But of course I can't stop watching. Isn't that just how it always is?
9. I'm getting a little more pinterest savvy, which feels good, but also scares me a little bit.
10. The mailman has started coming at a reasonable time instead of 4:30 in the afternoon!

p.s. seriously, every muscle is sore from Zumba. I may never recover! Ready the wheelchairs, stretchers, and so forth. but it's a good thing, right?

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