Friday, July 26, 2013

pictures of our 24th of July and some Good Things!

For those of you who don't know, and I mentioned it in my last post, the 24th of July is a holiday in Utah. We celebrate the pioneers who travelled across the country to find freedom, and created the beautiful state that we live in! Alex and I celebrated this holiday by going rock climbing in the morning, and then making our own version of "fair food" which we ate on a picnic blanket while we watched the parade go by our house. And by watched it go by I mean... watched the tail end of it because they were setting up in front of our house... but it's all good. It was still fun! And then we wandered over to Willow Park to see all the festivities over there. It was cool to see everyone in Logan out and about, and we sure wished we hadn't had lunch, because the BBQ smelled amazing! Well, without further ado... here's some pics and some Good Things for your weekend.

Good Things This Week:

 Rock climbing in the morning! So nice to be outside when it's not sweltering.
Having lots of fun things to do and blog about this week!
Finishing a new book, and having others on hold for me at the library... I love the adventures new stories bring!
Surprising my husband with his favorite can of Pringles... just because.
Having dinner with good friends, Jenna and Josh. It's so nice to get out of the house and connect with other people. Especially when they have a squishy baby to love on!
Sleeping in... but not too much. Nothing better than waking up at a reasonable time!
Crackers and peanut butter being the best snack.
Laughing at my goofy husband. No one but me will ever know how hilarious he is! And I'm cool with that. :)

What are your Good Things this week?

p.s. i'm getting ready for fall, not going to lie.

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