Tuesday, July 30, 2013

amusement parks and amusing sisters

Hello there everyone! How is everyone doing? Good? Good? Great? Wonderful? Alrighty then.

So, this past Saturday was a company party for my uncle's business that I do a little work for every now and then. I used to work there every summer full time, but then I started doing the college thing and the EFY thing and now the married thing, so I'm more of an honorary employee than anything. But it works! The great thing about being honorary is that you still get invited to the parties, so I'm all for that. And this one was at Lagoon! Utah's delightful little theme park in the middle of Farmington, where I grew up. Alex couldn't go with me, unfortunately. But fortunately, my little sister Olivia is actually a real full-time employee of the same company, so we decided to make a sister date of it! And much twirling, swirling, flying, upside downing, and facing fears did ensue. If you don't believe me, just take a look at the pictures. Because did I mention picture taking? Oh yes, picture taking ensued as well.

^^^ We like to start off the day strong. With the biggest of smiles. ^^^

 ^^^We both feel very differently about ferris wheels. I love them. Olivia is not so sure. I realize I look worried in this picture, but it was just the only decent one from the 50 Olivia took when I said, hey! take a picture of me! And she made me pose several different ways. ^^^

 ^^^ Then there was this time that Olivia and I were minding our own business on the sky ride, and the ride stopped. So, naturally you look around at the scenery and try not to picture what it would be like if the ride suddenly collapsed and you and your sister plummeted to the ground in your little orange cart. But upon looking around you see that this person across from you has taken his safety guard and moved it UP and AWAY from him! Bold as brass! I don't care how cool he thinks he is. He's not. He's just not. ^^^

^^^ hmm. Ok, whatever you say? ^^^

And that was basically our day at Lagoon. It's always fun to hang out with family! Especially now that I'm married and I feel even more separated from them than just living an hour away. Olivia is a hoot and a holler. And with that... I'm signing off.

p.s. I've been setting up my classroom and I'm super excited about it! What are some classroom set up tips and tricks? Anyone reading also a teacher who could help me out? thanks!


  1. Two of the cutest sister's I've ever seen! Your picture captions crack me up girl. That fence sign...I know, right? I've had the same thoughts. Kudos to you for being an "honorary employee". Too bad I'm not ;)(are you reading my thoughts right now?) Lol

  2. Not sure why my profile name was "Skate"...tried to change it, did it work?


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