Monday, July 15, 2013

the happiest of birthdays

This past Saturday was a big day for me. It was the first time I was in charge of planning my husband's birthday! The first July 13th of my life that I was married and was obligated, nay, privileged to prepare a birthday celebration like none other. The only problem was... the husband in question seemed to feel like birthdays were not that important!!?? I was shocked, and spent most of last week talking him into the fact that he should be extremely excited for July 13. 

I planned, and shopped, and made phone calls about how on earth to make Alex's favorite birthday treat, and finally the day came. Alex woke up early and went on a hike with his friends, while I woke up a little after he left and began making his favorite birthday treat - trifle! For those of you who don't know what a trifle is, it's angel food cake mixed with a cream cheese, whipped cream, powdered sugar creamy... thing, and whatever fruit you want. It's super easy to make, and absolutely delicious when finished. 

 ^^^ Ingredients minus the powdered sugar... sorry. You need 8oz of cream cheese, 16oz of whipped cream, and 1 cup of powdered sugar. Mix those together until creamy. Then break up the angel food cake into bite sized pieces and put them in a bowl. Pour the creamy mixture over the cake, stir, and add whatever fruit and as much as you want! I put raspberries because they are Alex's favorite. Luckily they were on sale too!

^^^ Finished product. Kind of looks like a mess... you can also do it in layers, if you want it to look cleaner. Throw it in the fridge and it's good!

^^^ After I finished making the trifle, I set up all the presents that I had wrapped the day before while Alex was at work. While buying presents, I realized I am definitely my father's daughter! I love showering people with gifts, and I just want to get them everything they could ever want or need! But don't worry, I held off and was very frugal.

^^^ When Alex got home from the hike, we went over to Kneader's to have their famous french toast. We would eat there every week if we could... so it's probably good that we can't.

^^^ When we got home from Kneader's we opened presents, and this is what he got! I am so thankful for my math loving, rocket building, pop-tart eating husband. He makes finding presents very easy. I guess because he's a huge nerd. But I love him anyway.

My family came up that afternoon and we all went to dinner together and then came home and enjoyed the trifle. I'm pretty sure it was the best birthday Alex has ever had. So I would say that this wife conquered her first-birthday-with-a-husband-to-impress.

I mean, I sure hope so.

p.s. i should blog those wedding photos, eh?

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