Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Good Things

the three girls in Andrea's room!
When I was a little girl, sometimes I had the privilege of spending the night at my grandma's house. This was always very exciting, because Grandma had lots of pretty rooms to choose from. Which to pick? The baby room? Andrea's room? My mom's room? I think Andrea's room was usually chosen, because she had a queen sized bed, and a "high bed" which was like a built in bunk bed on one wall. My sisters and I could all cuddle up in one room that way! We would usually get her to read or tell us stories before bed. She was the best at telling Rumplestiltskin. I remember wanting to hear that one all the time! But another one of my favorite memories of staying at her house was when, at the end of the day we would say our "good things". It always started with, "You woke up this morning..." and continued on listing the good things that happened during the day. I loved it at the time, but even looking back on that now, I can see what a great thing that can be, just to help you acknowledge your blessings! So, without further ado... here are my Good Things.

1. I woke up this morning!
2. I got ready for the day and put on my black and white dress with my black high heels.
3. Alex and I drove to Brigham City to attend the temple, and we got there safely!
4. The Temple. Enough said.
5. We drove home safely and had good sandwiches for lunch!
6. Then, we had a nap. Because waking up at 6 in the morning makes you want to nap.
7. Alex went to work, because he has a job, which is very good indeed!
8. I get to use my computer at home now, because I have internet.
9. I get to plan fun things for Alex's birthday this Saturday!
10. I'm married to a wonderful guy, and that's the best thing of all!

What are your "Good Things"? Feel free to comment and tell me!

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  1. When I was little, my dad would tuck me in at night, and he would ask me to tell him about my "Happy Experience" for the day. I tell my girls at the end of each night of EFY that they have to tell me their happy experiences. Those are kind of like "Good Things" right? P.S. my Happy Experience/Good Thing today was SnapChatting. It just gives me the giggles.


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