Monday, August 19, 2013

duh dah duh random stuff and a surprise!

Well, I'm about to post on my blog.

It's been a few days. A few days of meeting after meeting. Dreaming of finally getting into my classroom. Making mental lists of all the things I have to laminate. Learning the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. (! I just want to tell you guys all about them!! Everyone needs the 7 Habits! !) A weekend full of camping... which, did I take any pictures? You better believe I did not. However, I do have one that I stole from a friend on Facebook. And then going home on Sunday and hanging out with the little sister before she FINALLY ACTUALLY moved away to college.

see! we did go camping! we did! that's me and alex on the right side. ready to canoe!
So, I mean, it's been difficult to get to a computer, but it's not like you guys really care, right? Right? you're not all judging me for being a barely-there-blogger? I promise after this week I'll have more time. I just spent the past three hours in my classroom, and I have a bunch of cute little birds to cut out for a bulletin board, but I'm giving this time for you! You!

Here are some photos from the weekend, so you have something pretty to look at... and yes, by that I mean Alex.

And to cap off the randomness that is this post - welcome to my life - I would encourage you all to head over to Life of Bon for a special surprise from me and some other lovely ladies!

And finally I just have to say that there is something about the chairs at the school that make my back hurt. Any remedies for an achy back? Let me know.

p.s. how many of you have heard of the 7 Habits? Do you practice them? Give me your thoughts!


  1. Found you at Life of Bon's post today - you officially have +1 followers! :) Excited to get to know through the land of blog!

  2. my husband has been reading/listening to them!! that is all i know.. haha

  3. Icy Hot back patches. They are the bomb. I had a weird kink and used two and it was completely gone! whoo! :) Good luck going back to school! Been helping my mom in her classroom trying to get ready...gah! You teachers are my heroes!

  4. 7 habits is such s good book! good luck figuring something out for your back, until then, sit as little as possible is the only advice I could give.


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