Monday, August 12, 2013

i'm full of excuses, and proud of it.

Alrighty. Sorry for the short absence there. I've been setting up my classroom, doing dishes, getting my hair done, more classroom stuff, getting ready to go camping this weekend, sitting in front of the fan, reading other blogs, imagining what I'm going to wear on the first day of school, did I mention classroom stuff? So anyway...

Today Alex made lunch. So here's the deal with the whole cooking thing... I'm a picky cooker. Self-diagnosed. If the atmosphere is not just right, I don't feel like cooking. I don't want to cook if the kitchen is dirty. I don't want to cook if it's too hot in the house. I don't want to cook if I'm the only person I am cooking for. I don't think this should be too hard to understand?! So why don't you just clean the kitchen, you ask? I do! I'm a crazy kitchen cleaner, but cleaning the kitchen makes me hot, and then I don't feel like cooking. So why don't you put the fan in the kitchen, you ask? I would! But Alex is at work, and I don't want to only cook for myself. Do you all see what I'm saying?

But apparently Alex doesn't understand my need for perfect circumstances, and decided that we could have a nice home cooked lunch instead of a home cooked dinner, since he would be at work during dinner time. I was shocked when he made such a statement. COOK LUNCH? What about PB&J? What about turkey/ham sandwiches with avocado and tomato? What about ramen?! Oh wait, Alex hates ramen.

Well, before I knew it, Alex was pulling out the cook book and looking up some sort of honey-glazed chicken stir fry, and telling me that we needed to go grocery shopping for ingredients! I grudgingly put on my shoes, brushed my hair, and got in the car. He picked out some vegetables, corn starch and whatever else he needed, while I pushed the cart behind him and thought longingly of Arby's across the street.

And today, to my great surprise, Alex started making lunch in the dirty hot kitchen! (I cleaned the kitchen while he cooked, but there was nothing to be done about the heat.) I sliced chicken and did the dishes, while watching him fry up some veggies. I started the rice cooker and made some juice, while he poured all the ingredients together.

It may look like Alex is a giant in this picture. This is partly because he is tall, and partly because our house is very small. He basically has to bend in half to reach the kitchen sink. 

this is my face. incredulous about alex thinking it was ok to cook in a hot, dirty, kitchen.

So what I'm trying to say here is I'm a picky cooker, but I'll be a good helper if you need me.

p.s. any good recipes out there? i actually do like cooking... and i'll start doing it as soon as the perfect circumstances align :)

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  1. Our most perfect, easy dish? Those smaller white corn tortillas (doubled up) with melted cheese, sliced avocado, and a little hot sauce. It will change your life. (We eat it probably 3-4 times a week for lunch.)


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