Tuesday, August 13, 2013

critics are calling it a "must read!" and saying, "you never know what she'll write about next!"

In A World...
filled with bloggers, young and old
sits a girl, at her computer.
Madeline was just your average 20 year old when she first started writing. 
Thinking that was what the cool kids were doing,
she blogged about The O.C. and her favorite Saturday Night Live sketches.
Meandering her way through college life, Madeline continued writing about her experiences, never knowing what joy she would get from going back and reading about her time as a model for the art department, or her encounters with spiders. (she seemed to think her spider encounters were worth documenting.)
She thought if she wrote down a bunch of facts about herself, it would make it easier to understand what she was all about. She was young and impressionable, but also full of introspection and a desire to use different fonts.
She also liked to write cryptic blog posts about break-ups, which were never as cryptic as she intended. Being young and single was a challenging time of life.
Eventually, she figured out that she could add pictures to blog posts, and it made it a little more interesting. She still hasn't acquired a fancy camera or anything, but her iphone makes a good substitute for now.
One of the best times was when she found hilarious old journal entries, and put them on her blog for the world to see
Now Madeline is 23, and her life has changed forever.
Married at the temple, a reception in a beautiful barn, and graduated from college all on May 4, 2013. Hired on as a fourth grade teacher. Going shopping at the Nordstrom sale. Attempting to go to Zumba and Yoga classes. Having every intention of making fabulous meals for her husband and keeping the house spotless. Watching too many shows on Hulu. Eating bubble gum just for the fun of it. Reading books just for leisure. 
She thought summer was a blast, but fall is just around the corner,
and Madeline is going to have a whole new set of life stories to blog about.
coming to a computer near you.

p.s. i do the p.s. thing at the end of my posts. and in this p.s. i would like to welcome any new people to the blog and say, hey! leave a comment! i would love to check out your spaces of the internet as well. let's be friends!


  1. Just found you through the Life of Bon spotlight. This. Is. HYSTERICAL. i love that graphic you made. So funny.

  2. I found you Life of Bon too! Let me tell you, I literally lol'd. This is the best post ever. Definitely gained a new follower!!

  3. Just found you through Life of Bon as well! Seems like we have a lot of the same interests! Check out my space :) http://jkavanaghevents.blogspot.ca/


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