Thursday, September 12, 2013

i'm a blogger, i guess.

Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.

sometimes rainbows are worth documenting.

for one thing, i enter silly giveaways like this one on Hey Natalie Jean. That's definitely new for me. And hey! Take a look inside my medicine cabinet.

I actually think about this topic a lot, because I'm often thinking about my motives for blogging, and if I should continue doing it. Sometimes it all just seems like such busy work! But then there are other times where writing out my thoughts is the most strong sense of catharsis I can find. Has it changed me? Good question. My blog has changed over the years, and I suppose that means that I have as well. In the beginning it was all about random thoughts, and then it was strictly cryptic so that I could talk about my feelings without being vulnerable, and lately it has become a journal for my everyday life - with some other fun things thrown in every now and then.

Here's how I really think blogging has changed me though:

1. I take more pictures of myself. I know. It seems vain to me as well. I often wonder what exactly I'm doing? But when I read blogs, I love seeing pictures of the blogger. Maybe that's super weird, but it's true. I like seeing her as a real person, how she looks every day. I mean, with fashion bloggers they just always look awesome, and I love that too, but the every day bloggers? Show me your face! So, that's why I do it too I guess. You can tell me if you don't like it. I'll stop. Maybe.

2. I'm more aware of my life. I pay more attention to what is note worthy! And the funny thing is, it's usually the small moments of life that I find worth documenting. The funny things my fourth graders say, the cute moments I have with Alex, the little weekend trips with my family. It's the little moments that make life so great, and I want to have them all documented!

3. I have become better at writing with my own voice. I've always loved writing. I was the weirdo who turned in 18 pages instead of the 3 that were required. (I'm actually not exaggerating that one.) I've always had a distinct voice, but I feel like I've defined it through blogging. I blog the way I talk, because I want it to be more real. I think that ends up with a lot of sentence fragments and random ramblings, but I want people who read this to know ME. 

4. I care more about other people. I really think that blogging and social media add new perspectives to our lives. Here I am worrying about little old me, when across the country there is another girl who has her own worries and troubles. We're not alone in any of this. When I look at other people, I imagine their stories. Where did they come from? What are they fighting right now? What are they loving?

5. Finally, I've become more open. I'm more willing to come out of my shell and meet people. I'm branching out. I'm making friends and sharing stories. I'm sharing my real life with everyone. No more of those cryptic posts... this is all me! 

Blogging is pretty cool, I guess.

p.s. being sick as a teacher is not very cool. not very cool at all.


  1. Love this! Stopping by the blogtember linkup. I wrote about the 'taking pics of myself a lot' thing too... Awesome topic & I came to the conclusion that it's made me a better person too. ;)

    Have a great day!

  2. I have to agree how blogging makes you more aware. I notice myself thinking "i can blog about that" when i see things that are worth talking about.
    I also need to take more pictures of myself like you. I may feel silly at the time, but I love seeing bloggers in the flesh and I'm sure others too too.


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