Tuesday, September 10, 2013

on a sunny april day in a car.

Today's Blogtember topic is "Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn."

These pictures are unrelated. But I took them on Monday, and there is just something about the gray ocean that gets to me. 

It was the spring of 2012, if I remember correctly. I was sitting in my car, with the windows rolled down, in the parking lot outside of my little red brick house. The email on my phone was staring at me expectantly, asking me what I wanted to do next. I didn't know. I had no idea, because this wasn't part of my plan. The plan was, student teach in Davis County, get out of Logan, begin a new life. The plan was, forget all this and have a new adventure. The plan was to change. This email didn't seem like change to me. It mocked all my decision making, and the time I took preparing myself to leave all I knew behind me. For heavens sake, it was telling me to STAY. Don't leave this place, it said. It said that I could go back to Davis if I wanted, but Logan was where I was assigned. So I had a choice, do I accept their decision for me as fate? As where I'm supposed to be? Or do I do what I wanted all along?

It's funny, you know, that we think we have any control over the path of our lives. Sure, we can make choices that keep us on a GOOD path. That's 100% sure. But there's no way we're in control of what that good path is. If I hadn't decided to take the "turn" and stay where I was for student teaching, I probably wouldn't have dated Alex. I wouldn't have got my internship that almost guaranteed me a job. I wouldn't have lived for one more year with some pretty cool girls. I wouldn't have been in Logan with my little sister before she left to Texas. I would have missed out on some pretty amazing things. And who knows if Davis County would have held similar good things for me. Who knows? 

All I know is that I'm pretty happy things didn't turn out the way I originally planned. I love the twists and turns this life has to offer... for the most part ;)

p.s. I really want to do Jenni's personality test blogtember post, so i'll try to fit it in somewhere.


  1. My student teaching choice is what I think ultimately brought me back to my now husband...we dated in high school but it wasn't until I began student teaching (in my home town) that we fell back into each other's lives! Amazing how life unfolds! :)

  2. are you using my camera yet? how come you keep saying you don't have a fancy camera? i said you could use it.


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