Friday, September 27, 2013

this week.

This week, my classroom aide broke my only working stapler. It was then that I realized I am the type of person who actually cares if her stapler is broken.

This week, I got my first paycheck, so Alex and I decided we needed to celebrate. We went out to eat, and then went to Walmart and bought beauty supplies. For both of us. I guess you can see what we skimp out on when we are saving money...

This week, my house was cold, and I actually needed a blanket on my couch. There was much rejoicing in the land of Casey.

This week, we tried to return Men in Black III several times. Every time we had it right next to us! And every time, it didn't make it to the car.

This week, I tried to help kids learn how to round numbers. Betcha didn't know that was a hard concept to learn, huh? It seems so easy now. But I just can't say something like, 376 is closer to 400 because that's just how you count!!!! COME ON!!! No, I have to be patient.

This week, I wore a polka dot sweater to school and braided my bangs. The kids practically fell over themselves gawking at my hair (although they assured me they liked it) and one girl told me my shirt was "weird". It's hard to know if you should take fourth grade insults to heart, you know?

This week, the times I was early to school, I had to park on the street. The times I was late, I got the best parking spots available. HOW??

This week, I had a hard time waking up.

This week, there was a HUGE spider crawling across my classroom floor which, as you can imagine, became a bit of a drama. I'm not much for killing spiders. I usually ignore them and hope they disappear. (I know, it's failed logic.) So I told Bryan, who happened to be the desk the spider was next to at the time to step on it. And he did with little complaint. Only a small "gross" issued from his little fourth grade mouth, and that was that.

This week, it was rainy. I love rainy.

This week, Alex came home from work, and we danced in the kitchen and sang (as many of the words as we could remember) and you just have to know, when I pictured being married, my wildest dreams included that scene right there.

p.s. happy weekend!! TGIF.


  1. still no posts about your sister in texas? sigh.

  2. I LOVE this post so much! I graduated in elementary education, too, but never got to have my own classroom because my husband and I graduated at the same time and after that, it was baby time!
    It's so funny how we react to scary things (like spiders). I either kind of freak out, or I get in this mad rage and think, "You will DIE! Your family will DIE and every spider you know will DIE!" Fight or fight?

    Sue // Chevron & Lace


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