Friday, October 11, 2013

Fourth Graders Speak Out On Mrs. Casey's Appearance

Some of you may know, from being beautiful faithful readers of P.S. My Name is Madeline, sometimes I like to tell you the hilarious things my fourth graders say. And for you newer readers, all I have to say is, gear up. These kids have truths to tell, and they do NOT hold back.

This week it was all about me. And what I look like.

And it's just that, fourth graders are kind of brutal. But being most the self-sacrificing, unselfish person in the world, I have decided to share with you my humiliating conversations from the week.

It all started out great, actually.

R: (under her breath) oh, I wish I had Mrs. Casey's hair. (It was curled that day.)

And then I guess I became somewhat embarrassing.

M: Wow. Your hair is NOT good today.
Mrs. Casey: WHAT?
M: Yeah.
A: It's true! You look like you had a rough morning.
Mrs. Casey: Wow.

The struggle did not end there.

R: Your shirt is weird today.
Mrs. Casey: It just has polka dots....
R: Yeah, it's weird.

But I did wear floral pants one day!

C: I like your pants!

And then my hair struck again.

A: Your hair looks different today.
Mrs. Casey: That's because it's straight today.
A: Yeah.... I know.

straight hair?
I don't know whether to take these conversations personally. On one hand, fourth graders are only 10 years old, so what do they know about fashion and appearances? On the other hand, fourth graders are brutally honest, so should I accept what they say as fact?

I have never felt so judged.

Hope you have a good weekend!

p.s. don't be shy! Introduce yourself. I'm a friendly blogger. Come on... come a little closer! I have candy!!!! (too much?)


  1. Have they guessed your age yet? Sometimes my students guess I'm rather old ha ha

  2. Hello. I'm Mollie and I want candy. What kinds do you have??

  3. I taught that age in primary and I think you just have to laugh at their honesty. One Sunday I did cat eye eyeliner and one of the boys asked me, "Why did you dress like an Egyptian today?"

    Kids are the best. I wish I could say whatever was on my mind and not get in trouble.


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