Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This is slightly embarrassing, but....

I don't get embarrassed very easily, it's true.

And when I am embarrassed, I try not to let anyone know. It's like... ok, so that happened. I'm just going to walk away, and act cool, and try to forget I even exist.

I also have an odd habit of whispering to myself in a sarcastic sort of way, "and THAT was THAT."

I'm not even sure what that is supposed to mean??? Maybe it's my mind subconsciously telling me that there is nothing I can do about it now, better to just embrace it! I'm all about embracing things lately, you can ask Alex. He is very concerned about my new mantra to embrace winter. I mean, I just decided,  I have to live through winter, I have to! I have no choice. Winter will happen. So I might as well choose to embrace it. Preferably with a nice winter coat, gloves, a hat, and some boots. But, so it goes.

With all this being said, I have something to admit to you all... am I admitting it? I'm not sure. It's slightly a confession, but more of a confusion, a question, if you will, about what exactly happened to me this weekend?

On Friday and Saturday, I was absolutely certain Parent Teacher Conferences started on Monday. I was obsessed with preparing for them, and having everything ready. However, somewhere in the switch between Saturday and Sunday, my mind decided to let me know that actually possibly PTC's started on Tuesday? Maybe it was a Tuesday/Wednesday thing? And I started to get that anxious confused feeling in the pit of my stomach. Which one was it? I should check!!! And yet, Sunday night came, and I fell asleep, blissfully unaware (but also slightly aware?!?!) that conferences were beginning on Monday.

You can imagine the surprise that overtook my whole body when I walked into school and everyone was saying, "ready for conferences?" "we'll do that after conferences!" "almost there!" - and yet it did not fully register with me until TWO HOURS INTO SCHOOL the mistake that had been made.

I was in a frenzy! I hadn't written all the goals for my students yet! WHY HAD I NOT WRITTEN THOSE GOALS?! What was I doing all weekend, huh? Partying my little life away without a care in the world? How I could let this happen to myself, I could not fathom. But there was a small part of my brain saying, "we KNEW it was on Monday, what is WRONG with you?"

So I threw everything together, and as they say, THAT was THAT.

p.s. I know some teachers that I work with read this blog. I hesitated writing this, but in the interest of keeping this blog at least somewhat entertaining, and letting you all know that I am nowhere NEAR perfect, I decided, what the heck? Just don't judge me, ok?

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