Tuesday, October 15, 2013

taco tuesday, and how we learn new things every day.

Alex and I learned new things about each other this weekend. It was very educational. We were both shocked with what we found, so naturally, I felt the need to let you know as well. So we can all be shocked together.

On the way home from that reception on Friday, Alex was talking to his mom on the phone. He asked her where she had been that day. She said she went to get food at Costa Vida.

Yay! Costa Vida is yummy.

But I guess she didn't like it that much? So Alex told her to try Cafe Rio next time! Even bigger yay! Cafe Rio is the yummiest!

Alex then proceeded to tell her that Cafe Rio is his favorite place for Mexican food.

My brain went... ????? Because for the whole time I've been with Alex we ONLY go to Costa Vida.

I was quite shocked!

Alex! I said, even though he was still talking to his mom. (It was important.) Why do we even go to Costa Vida!??!?!?!

And he gave me a small eye roll and said, because we get tacos for taco tuesday!


He hadn't a clue about such things.

Later, on Saturday, I was remarking to Alex about how for most of my childhood, my mom and dad tricked us into going to bed every night at 7. Like... until I was 13 or something. We were always wondering why the neighbors got to stay up and ride their bikes and play all night long. My parents kept their cool, and we never caught on! Until these recent years! Alex laughed and laughed and showed me a clip from the simpsons, which apparently shows that my family is now the Flanders.


  1. Hi Madeline! I like you blog so much that I've nominated you for an award. Check out my page- http://thefindingyears.blogspot.com/

  2. hahaha! oh alex. we only go to costa vida, because it's better. YAY FOR TACO TUESDAYS!


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