Friday, November 8, 2013

i forget about myself sometimes, do you?

 On Wednesday night I was tired. That tired to the bone tired, you know what I mean? And I thought to myself, "self, you should write a blog post for tomorrow. You need to! You can't skip a day!" And my rational self said back, "why? who said you had to blog every day? Who said everyone would hate you and not read anymore if you skipped a day? And who said you had to care? who makes the rules, anyway? and aren't rules made to be broken?" (My rational self speaks in thought provoking questions.) So I will not apologize for my absence yesterday. I will simply tell you that I was bone tired.

Not that I'm any better today! (Today being Thursday, when I'm writing this. When you're reading this though, Friday, I'm sure I will still be tired. I'm a teacher.) I had a training to go to that went from all day long down in Layton which is about 45 min-1 hour away. So I had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning. Normally I "wake up" (I'm using the term loosely, because I seriously doubt that I'm really awake until 10 in the morning) at 6:30, get out of bed at 7, and leave the house between 7:30 and 7:40, so this was a shock to the system.

On the drive down, I was privileged to be chauffeuring two other lovely teachers. As you can imagine (can you? am I taking liberties here? I will assume you all have good imaginations) we had plenty of girl-talk to discuss. I love girl talk, don't you? It's so liberating to get all your girly thoughts out in the open. You know, things I COULD tell Alex, but he wouldn't fully appreciate... it's a girl thing!

Anyway, one of the teachers is an art teacher, so I mentioned that I used to be a model for the art department, and it just got me thinking about all the random stuff I've done that I forget about. And when I look back on it, I'm like wait, I DID THAT? It's weird, you know?

Here's a short list.
1. Modeling for the art department. I was a draped model. But a teacher did ask me to take my pants off once which I kindly refused. I also got to sit at the top of a 50 ft ladder draped in a blue leopard print robe, while a nude model posed at the bottom of the ladder, and it was just not my cup of tea really.

2. I hosted a podcast with my good friend Cody. It is all about dating, and it's actually really good. The only reason we ended it was because I got engaged and I didn't really have my dating game face on anymore... it's strange how that happens, right? One day you know everything about dating, and then the ring is on your finger and you forget it all. You can download the podcast for free on itunes here.

3. I went to Denmark! I always forget about this for some reason, and yet I have very fond memories. How could you not, right?

4. I was an EFY counselor. I know this one is really random, because it was actually really recent but... I forget! It's the strangest thing. Like oh, I gave up 3 summers to do that!! (what was I thinking! just kidding. it literally was the best job in the world. I was basically a person from the Disney Channel teaching the gospel all summer. Extremely animated if you know what I mean.)

Well, this is all to say we left the training early and we don't care.


p.s. if you comment on this blog, I do reply! I love reading comments, and I love forming friendships, and even if your email is not attached to your profile, I will hunt you down and comment on your blog or find some way! so the only reason I wouldn't reply is if you are literally unavailable. Leave a comment, I'd love to meet you!


  1. That bottom dress is gorgeous! No way I'd ever be able to pull it off, I'm a bit too curvy but it's really cute!

  2. Totally thought about this today. I sang with a rock band at the high school Sweethearts Dance assembly. I wasn't a student, I was a teacher. I sang a Beatles song. I should hang this somewhere because I forget and it's one of those memories that is so fun to remember! (But not fun enough to watch. I still refuse to watch the video of the event. NEVER)

  3. I'm definitely not going to be someone who blogs I'll blog when I have something to say, not just because I want to be heard... I think a lot of people get caught in that trap. In my opinion, it's okay not to blog every day. As long as you aren't missing weeks at a time, you'll stay connected to everyone. :)

  4. I say embrace the mirror pics, they're cute!
    And yay Denmark. It's fun there, huh! And everything is flat. Their highest "mountain" is called Himmelbjerget ("The Sky Cliff") and it's like a 100 meters tall. Lol.

  5. Oh, I forgot to say I LOVE the dress at the bottom.

  6. love the outift pics...but i too feel weird taking them in my mirror sometimes!
    hannah x

  7. Hi Madeline! Just found your blog today. Your blog is lovely and you are pretty. Taking mirror pictures is totally ok, specially when you look so damn nyc :)

  8. Madeline, your aunt just did something like that: she auditioned for the chorus of Les Mis and was cast as Madame Thenardier. Yes, I did that!


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