Wednesday, November 6, 2013

months going strong now (name the song and artist and you get a cookie)

Alex and I have been married for six months. Am I the type of person who counts months? I suppose. I mean, how can you NOT notice the amount of time that has gone by since you bonded yourself to someone for the rest of your life? The good thing is that I count inside my head usually, so I guess none of you have to be burdened with it.


That's half a year!

When we had been married a week, it felt like we had been together for six months. Not in a bad way, more in a this is so right way. Now, I don't want to get all cheesy on you guys, but I can't help it that my love story is my favorite. Have you read it? Don't knock it till you read it. (I also don't know why I assume you are all annoyed by my mushiness. Perhaps you love it? Tell me how you fffeeeeelll.)

Well anyway, enough of whatever I was just blabbering on about. Here are six things I love about Alex.

1. I love that Alex lets me know him better than anyone else. I mean, if I told you all who Alex really was, you wouldn't believe me. Especially those of you who have met him. Around the rest of the human race, he's impressively stoic and sophisticated. Around me? Let's just say I have a video I could show you that would knock your socks off, but I'm a kind wife, a good wife, a selfless wife... and that video stays with me.

2. Alex is a hard working human being, while also being lazy enough to not be crazy. There is a BALANCE people. I'm more on the too lazy side. Alex is on the sleeping-in-when-he-shouldn't-but-still-getting-everything-done side. And that's very admirable.

3. He tries to have a habit of making my lunches in the morning. He draws fun pictures on the sandwich bags that make the other teachers jealous.

4. The man questions EVERYTHING. Depending on the time of month, this can be incredibly irritating. Especially when he questions me. (But I'm usually right, so that's always affirming.) Anything he doesn't know, he wants me to look up on google. Or he looks it up himself. He never forms a true opinion on something unless he knows all its in's and out's. Something that I don't think can be said of a lot of people in our country... just saying.

5. He lets me put my cold hands down his shirt, or up his shirt, or in his sleeve, or pocket I guess - but you know, mostly his warm skin suffices - he lets me do that with minimal complaint.

6. The kid loves me. And he lets me know it, daily. I know he wouldn't want me to make him sound too sensitive or anything, since he's got that stoic/sophisticated/aloof reputation to uphold, but he's a sweetheart, even when I don't deserve it. Especially when I don't deserve it, actually.

I just think he's really cool, that's all.

 ^^ we have swanky celebratory dinners at the local A&W, and then we go to the movies and we take our classic "let me kiss you!" "NOOOO!!!!" picture. (he loves it when I kiss him. it's a joke, guys.)^^

eternally mushy, over and out.

p.s. i bet you're all like, do you wear that jacket EVERY DAY? and i'm here to tell you I DO!


  1. Wow, our husbands sound A LOT alike! We really should meet each other someday and let the men talk about cars and sports while we pretend to craft.

    Sue//Chevron and Lace

  2. I LOVE THE MUSHINESS. Keep it coming. For real. It gives me hope that there are good relationships out there. As stupid as that sounds, I'm serious. You give me hope.

  3. Awesome, congrats! I totally count the months too - I just got married in September :)
    Now I'm off to read your love story! Funny cause I was just thinking about doing a little series of ours :)
    Glad I found your blog!


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