Monday, November 25, 2013

if you're a college student or know a college student... READ THIS

Ok, we're going to do a little something different today. Something I don't normally do, and I truly wouldn't be doing it if I didn't think it was a GREAT idea. I've been seeing other bloggers post about this, and I thought it was such a good thing, I logged it away for the future. But then they contacted me... and how could I say no? Everyone needs to know about Campus Book Rentals.

I really wish I would have known about them when I was still in school. Textbooks are SO EXPENSIVE. This past summer, I was putting together my little fourth grade classroom, and it cost so much money to get together everything I needed. When Alex told me his textbooks were going to cost about $800, you can imagine I was not very happy. I'm so ready to use Campus Book Rentals for Alex next semester. You can save up from 40-90% off of book store prices, they have free shipping both ways, they don't care if you write in the books or highlight... the list goes on! The renting periods are flexible, so you don't have to get them back by a certain date if you need the book a little longer.

When I first saw this on someone else's blog, I told Alex about it in my usual excited tone. Alex is a sceptic though. He raised his eyebrows at me and said, but what if I want to keep my books? I have some important ones that I might need for my career! I was stumped. Come to find out, they have started a new program called Rent Back! This allows you to take textbooks you already own, and rent them out through the website, so you can make money for yourself! This gives you 2 to 4 times the amount of money you would get when you sell them back at the end of the semester. Wasn't that the worst, when you take your books back and get some money back from your $200 book and they're like, here! Here is five dollars! It's like... just keep the five dollars.

I think one of the greatest things this website does is that it donates to Operation Smile every time you rent a textbook. Operation Smile is one of those organizations that I have always felt really strongly about. Those little children deserve to have a beautiful full life, and Operation Smile can give them a part of that.

I just don't see what could be better when you're getting text books for the new semester... Saving money, and saving lives??? Umm... sign me up four years ago!!! I will definitely get Alex to use this, and I hope you college goers give it a try!

Here is a video explaining how it all works:

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  1. I rented my last semester and I regret not doing so throughout my entire college career. I saved a TON of money!!


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