Friday, November 22, 2013

it was a strange night

It started out like any other day.

School for me, school for Alex.

After school I ran an errand to Walmart. It was raining. The streets were busy. I got in, found what I needed, and got out. Hit the middle of rush hour traffic in Logan again, and made my slow journey home.

By the time I arrived at home, the sun was already setting. I walked into my house, set my things down, ignored the laundry basket yet again, and made my way into the kitchen. As I tossed open my bedroom door to get into the kitchen, the door hit THWACK! into the refrigerator.

I know what you're thinking, I should be more careful when I open the door. But this is where I tell you... the refrigerator was in the MIDDLE OF THE KITCHEN. (It is not usually there!) I snuck around it, bewildered, and slowly walked into the living room, texting Alex to see if this was his doing.

That's when I noticed there were other things out of place. The garbage can also lie in the middle of the floor. The table by the couch was horizontal instead of diagonal. The blind in the kitchen was cricked up like someone had been peeking through it. I ran to the bedroom and noticed that the blinds on our bedroom window had been pulled all the way up!

Alex confirmed that none of it was his fault. So we figured it was the people we rent the house from. They've been looking for some underground leak... so apparently they thought they should come in while we were gone and leave our house a mess, completely creeping me out in the process.

So I sat down and watched Modern Family. Then I got up and started doing a craft... just another part of a weird night. When SUDDENLY THERE WAS A KNOCKING AT MY BEDROOM DOOR! (I should take this time to tell you that we have two doors to our house. One is the front door, the other is a random door that opens up into our bedroom.) I knew it wasn't Alex, so like, don't judge me if I crawled into a corner on the floor holding a glittery pinecone close to my heart.

Alex got home a few minutes later, and assessed the damage. The damage being that the fridge had ripped up a bit of the flooring and the floor was leaking water.

So guess what? They'll probably have to turn our water off and start slicing through our kitchen floor to find the leak's origin.

Happy Weekend to all, and to all a leakless house!


  1. Why didn't they tell you they'd be coming?! WTF! And I mean, would it have killed them to clean up after themselves? I thought you were going to say you'd gotten robbed!!!!

  2. Oh wow, I totally thought you got robbed! Good luck with figuring everything out, and I'm sorry your landlords just barged in on your house.
    I found your blog off of Bon's, and I'm so excited to read about your future adventures- hopefully most of them are more positive :)

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts


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