Thursday, November 21, 2013

not completely flawless.

So. My lovely friend Courtney posted something on her blog, that got me thinking about what my flaws are. She was talking about how we don't really love characters unless they have flaws, so I was like what are my flaws that make me lovable!!!! But then I was like, all my flaws are just annoying!!! But also kind of funny. Flaws are funny to me. I don't know. Anyway, here's what I came up with.

1. I cannot paint my nails without immediately banging my hand against a wall or table and smudging it.

2. I always get out of bed at 7 when I'm supposed to be at school at 7:30 because I like to read blogs in the morning.

3. I'm ridiculously stubborn. I didn't realize it until I got married. Luckily Alex still loves me.

4. I like to give off the air that I have everything figured out, so when people tease me about stuff, it makes me angry. I think this is because I know they have ME figured out and I like to remain mysterious.

5. I waste time. All. The. Time. I can't do anything until I've watched The Voice. I deserve more time laying on the couch. I write blog posts days in advance. Therefore, procrastinator.

6. I don't know how to style my hair.

7. I'm extremely forgetful when it comes to random responsibilities.When it comes to things I would actually like to forget, they remain with me... probably until the day I die.

8. I make too many treats, and not enough healthy food.

9. I think ritz crackers are a food group.

10. I can't even think of a 10th flaw.

This picture is probably a flaw.

p.s. what about you guys? Let's share our flaws!


  1. In my last semester of college, one of our projects (for a graphic design class) was a self portrait image and we had to write our 'personality traits' around the image. Our teacher said that about 80% of the girls in the class ALL put that they were stubborn, which he found pretty funny haha. I do know quite a few girls (myself included) who say they're stubborn...

    Also, I'm jealous that you can get through painting your nails before messing them up. Last night, I got just my thumb painted. And it's messed up. The rest are all unpainted, because I'm too lazy.

  2. hahaha just came across your blog and this post cracked me up! I love learning new things about other bloggers :)

    This is such an annoying flaw, but I always interrupt in the middle of movies either by asking questions or pausing the movie to figure out what is going on. And I can't help it!! hahaha It's so hard for me to not ask questions!

    Thanks for sharing!


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