Monday, December 16, 2013

it's the 12 days of christmas at our house!

Alex's mom contacted him last week, and told him we needed to come home for the weekend, because she had something for us, and we needed to get it no later than the 13th! Well, we had plans already, and had to make it harder for her (sorry Jeanne!) so she sent Alex's little sister up to us with a beautiful Christmas surprise! 

When I walked in the door from school, Alex ran up to me (as usual) and gave me a big hug and a kiss, so I didn't even notice the surprise until a few minutes later, which is strange because it was kind of giant and sitting right in the middle of the floor!

Yes! The 12 Days of Christmas! 

We sat down with a camera in hand (because Alex said, "you can blog about this!!!") and opened the first gift. The "Reason for the Season". Always a good reminder!

And on Day 2, we opened two gift certificates to the movies! Alex and I love the movies.

And on the third day of Christmas, our mother sent to us! Three things to keep us nice and healthy! (We took minimal pictures on day 3 because we stayed in our jammies all morning and watched A Christmas Story. So, you can be grateful I'm not subjecting you to Alex's my lovely bed head.)

I just think this was such a nice and thoughtful thing for her to do for us, while we're stuck in Logan for another week. (darn the elementary school schedule! darn it to heck!) It's fun to have the spirit of the season with us even though we're still working all day long.

Oh, and everyone should congratulate Alex for acing his finals... Mechanical Engineering is basically a different language.

Speaking of which, (sorry is this post getting to long? I promise it's a funny story.) On Friday after Alex's last final, he came over to the school and helped me teach math. By "helped" I mean I let him totally punk my students by telling them they were going to start learning engineering math and making them take really good notes. One little girl looked at me and said, "This is Chinese, isn't it?"

It was hilarious. Happy Week before Christmas!

p.s. i keep forgetting about the whole p.s. thing! silly me.


  1. Such a cute idea!!!
    - - - - -

  2. I wanna teach little kids about scary math! Hahah that's kind of adorable.


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