Friday, December 13, 2013

What's in a name?

So, remember how yesterday I was a guest poster for Elisabeth?? WELL. Today she is guest posting for me! She's kind of the best. We met over crepes, and bonded over... I don't quite remember. But you better believe we bonded. She's a sweetheart, and her blog is just as sweet.

Without further ado... here's Elisabeth!

I was thinking about names the other day...mostly because I have this weird "supernatural" ability where I can usually pick out what someone's name is going to be and how they spell it. I's weird.

Like one time I met this kid named Brian and before I even knew how he spelled his name, I just KNEW he spelled it with an 'i' instead of a 'y'. And I was totally right. I's weird.

But aren't names interesting? They completely define someone.

I think about my name a lot because the name Elisabeth has a lot of nicknames.
Which means that I get called a variety of things.

Friends from high school call me Liz. Honestly, I think they were just too lazy to call me Elisabeth. To this day, no one else calls me Liz unless I went to high school with them. I don't mind being called Liz, but it definitely makes me feel like I'm 16 again.

A few people call me 'Lisabeth. Without the 'e'. (which is pretty endearing).

I've been called Lis. With the 's' pronounced in there.

And Eliza gets thrown in the mix every once in a while.

But you know which name takes the cake?
Just plain & simple: Elisabeth.

My entire family and most people call me Elisabeth. In fact, I introduce myself as Elisabeth.

I absolutely love being called Elisabeth. It makes me feel a little more professional and little more like myself.
It defines me.

Go check out her blog here.

p.s. have a great weekend! Finals week is over for you college kids! finally!


  1. I so get this. But the weird thing about Kimberly is that people will shorten it to Kim without even asking me. I really don't like the name Kim all that much. I just feel like I'm more than three letters!

  2. Love this post! Having my name (Anjali), you can't really shorten it to anything much, though my high school friends call me AJ. My thing is that I get different pronunciations of it. I've heard pronunciations that don't even sound like my name! It's crazy! :D


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