Monday, January 6, 2014


Good Monday morning everyone! (Is it? Is it good? Because I really don't want to be back at school right now. I guess most of you went back last week to work and all that jazz, but this is a huge bummer to me.) Anyway, yesterday! Yesterday was Jan. 5, 2014 - one year to the day that we got engaged. So I thought I'd show you our engagement video! I tried to post it last year after we made it, but I was really video illiterate back then (not much better now, I couldn't even get it to center)! So. This video is full of little gems that the untrained eye would not notice, so I'll post a little guide for you below.

Background: Alex and I would often go geocaching in the summer and fall for fun. Alex told me that he found a special "winter" geocache that we could go find. I agreed to it because I love him, and also because I was a little suspicious. The morning of January 5, I went wedding dress shopping. I KNOW. It was before I was engaged! But as soon as people found out it might be happening, they started pressuring me to find the dress. It was a good thing too... alterations take forever! So, for those of you getting married, if you want a dress that's perfect for you, you need to get it like at LEAST four months before the wedding. Even four months before makes the dress people wail and gnash their teeth.

So, after dress shopping, Alex came and picked me up and we had lunch at his house - in a tent. If you've read this post, you know why this is significant. I was suspicious about the proposal, but I was really unaware of many other things going on. During lunch, Alex's mom and sisters had been sent to place the geocache in it's special place. It had to be done at the time because something valuable was inside it! You aren't just going to leave a sparkly diamond ring out in the open for everyone to find it, are you??? Alex is a smarty pants.

After his mom and sisters gave the all clear - (which I didn't know about) - we headed out to the geocaching. Alex had me film it with the go-pro camera that we received for Christmas. He told me that his go-pro was in Logan, but actually he had it set up in a different location so that he could be filming the proposal from different angles! I was oblivious to all of this, while still being suspicious. So if I seem a little sarcastic, or like I'm trying too hard in the video to sound clueless, that's why.

Alex was extremely distracted the whole time. He was jogging ahead of me, while I was stumbling around in the snow with the camera in my nice new boots! And at one point you can see him texting, which I do call him out on. He says he's talking to our friend Cody, but in actuality he was talking to my little sisters, who were hidden somewhere near ready to take pictures! They couldn't find us, so Alex was getting nervous. This is when I slip and fall.

When I opened the box, I literally didn't know what to do. It was such an out of body experience! It felt like there should be choirs of angels, and people dancing, and fireworks shooting off - but it was just us (and my sisters) on top of a quiet mountain. It felt so surreal.

And that's about it! (We got a lot of flak for not really kissing or hugging after he proposed, and I don't know why we didn't ha ha... I was just really overwhelmed by what I was finding out with my sisters, and his mom and sisters, and the other camera and all of that. But no worries, we kissed and hugged later, off camera ;) )

So there you have it! Sorry for the long explanation... hope you like our engagement video!

p.s. wedding video will come sometime... I just have to convince Alex that it's ok to post :)


  1. oh this is just so dang cute! i love engagement stories:) happy one year!! it was such a cute creative proposal!!

  2. You guys are cute! It really is such a surreal experience isn't it? I wish I had gotten video of mine! Grrr. And I went wedding dress shopping before I was engaged too haha


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