Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Rest of the Twelve Days Of Christmas

you can view the first three days here.
4 sodas to sip and chill out
(we gave one to the man who was ripping up our floor. it was Alex's idea. sometimes he's nicer than me.)

 5 essentials for hot cocoa
(and a look of deep concentration as i open them.)

6 cookie supplies
(Alex only thinks sugar cookies are "ok". He prefers a simple chocolate chip.)
 7 holiday tags
(when did holiday tags get so cute? we all know that you write on them, they get ripped off the package, and then you throw them away... right? right? Fun fact: my dad noticed the same thing, so this year, he wrote the name on clear tape on the back of the tag so that he could take off the tape and use the tag again. He's a smart one.)
 8 slices of pizza
(this was a bad one... little caesars is kind of our guilty pleasure. you know - the one you never tell anyone about because it's totally gross to like little caesars at all, but now you're outing yourself on your own blog... blah blah blah)
 9 pairs of socks
(look at that handsome face!!)
 10 dollars to subway
(which we used the very same day if i am not mistaken. and i am rarely mistaken.)
 11 holiday jokes ho ho ho ha ha ha
(huge eye rolling resulted from the reading of these jokes. What does a cow say at Christmas time? Mooey Christmas!!!!!!!)
 12 cookies for Santa
(the secret is out! Alex is a Christmas Gift model!)

And a partridge in a pear tree!!!!!!! Just kidding. This was seriously the cutest idea though. Thanks to a wonderful Mother in-law! (or just mother if you're Alex and you're reading this.) We had a blast looking forward to opening a small gift every day. 

The hard part was deciding who was the most photogenic that day - or just kidding. It was easy. If Alex is in the pictures, you can rest assured that I was probably in my pajamas. If I was in the pictures, it was because I wasn't in my pajamas and I was like, "ALEX, TAKE MY PICTURE, I LOOK DECENT!"

Ugh... remind me why I didn't blog last week? You guys are going to get some more Christmas posts coming your way for a couple days... Enjoy!

p.s. I'm excited for the New Year... but I am still depressed that Christmas is once again 12 months away. It went so fast!!!!


  1. How fun! I don't even bother with gift tags anymore... I keep it classy and use a sharpie, mostly because I'm lazy.

    Also, Little Caesar's is delicious.

  2. I really love this idea! I definitely need to do this for next year. It also looks pretty cheap as well. Also I LOVEEEEE Little Caesars PIzza. It's the best, and I dont care if people think its gross.

  3. Yep, I'm definitely stealing this idea next year. Also, how cute is the pizza gift cert IN AN ACTUAL PIZZA BOX?!?! Gahhh!


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