Tuesday, February 25, 2014

back again

Well, I've been absent from this blog for the past week, and all I have to say for myself is that I have been immersing myself in other things, and put blogging as a lower priority, and sometimes that just happens in life. Let's all just nod our heads and say, "you're right madeline, and that is a-ok with us." And let us also forgive everyone involved for low quality iphone pictures that randomly had a filter on them. (it was my mom's phone...) 

My little sister Olivia is leaving on a mission to Baltimore, Maryland in a couple weeks. It's going to be quite the adjustment because our other sister Abi is on a mission in Texas, so I will for here on out be sisterless until around November this year. 

In honor of my sisterlessness, we decided that a final girls trip was in order. Where to? The lovely St. George of course. Warmth in February that's only about 4 hours away... doesn't get better than that. So, off we went. 

We immediately purchased tickets to Endless Love on a whim as soon as we entered the hotel room, and things were definitely off to a good start. We spent the rest of the weekend touring the parade of homes, and spending a day in a day spa! Yes, let's all celebrate how I spent the day getting a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure! It was fabulous. The whole weekend was fabulous and I sure am going to miss that little sis of mine. Especially her over-dramatic, sassy-yet-tender-hearted, bun loving ways.

this picutre was intentional. every last moment of it.

In other news. The hotel we stayed at was quite a surprise to us. We arrived and found what LOOKED LIKE tiny half pillows on the bed. We were unsure of what to do about this, so we called down for more pillows - 4 or 5 if you please. The man at the desk sadly told us he only had two to bring, so we called that good and waited patiently. The pillows never showed, and Olivia left a note on the door chastising the hotel. Because that's just what she does.

The next day, we went down to the desk and asked specifically for more pillows and an extra blanket, which they brought up to us pretty promptly. The two pillows they brought were normal sized!!! We rejoiced and all was right with the world. Olivia and I let my mom have the normal pillows on her bed, and we dealt with the uncomfortable half pillows for another night.

So then the NEXT day. We came back to a clean room with all the half pillows - only, the normal sized pillows had been exchanged for half pillows!!! And my mom's extra blanket was nowhere to be found! So Olivia marched down to the front desk (like she does, all flaunty and flouncy), and explained the situation in what she claims was a nice tone (we all know it was sassy). The next thing we know, the manager is at our door with the housekeeper, who explains to us that the pillows are actually ALL normal sized, she just folds them in half and stuffs the pillowcase around them because she thinks it's cute.

And we were all "....."

And then we found that she had really tucked the extra blanket nicely into the pullout bed, so that when we pulled it out, the bed would be ready to go.

So that's the story about how we were the worst hotel customers in the world.

But seriously, the half sized pillows... I've never seen that before!! Have you?

p.s. please please please i hope spring comes... the weather has been divine lately.


  1. K i commented last night but it must not have worked. I am moving to Maryland in May! I wonder if I will run into her, that would be awesome!

  2. That is so weird and stupid. Haha! I dont blame you guys for being upset, you didnt know that they were normal, but folded weird. Also how was Endless Love?

  3. lol how was endless love? i kind of wanted to see it, but i'm waiting for it to go to the dollar theatre or something haha. in that one picture of you curled up in a rock it reminds me of a baby in a uterus. hahahah.



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