Thursday, February 27, 2014

taking stock

old pictures... but i just love them! brothers and sisters are the best. 

Making: copies. a teacher's life is full of many many copies.
Cooking: not enough. in fact, i forgot to put in a crock pot meal this morning AGAIN.
Drinking: a bottle or two of water a day. and juice. that alex sure loves his juice.
Reading: my schedule for the day.
Wanting: a custom pair of nikes.
Looking: at the faces of my fourth graders.
Playing: too much solitaire on my phone. solitaire! i mean, really.
Wasting: time watching grey's anatomy... i finally let myself get sucked in.
Sewing: nothing. ever. 
Wishing: for my dream house that i met in st. george. we got along reaaaallll well.
Enjoying: my life with alex in a much less than dream house.
Liking: the warm weather we've been having lately.
Wondering: what the future holds.
Loving: alex. all day every day.
Hoping: no one is noticing me eating these tic tacs. 
Marveling: that i am actually a teacher. and i'm married. and i'm turning 24. i feel too young.
Needing: a good book to read.
Smelling: fourth graders mixed with island air freshener.
Wearing: an anchor patterned top that has already gotten a few compliments. 
Following: my favorite blogs. i love when people just speak to your soul, you know?
Noticing: that it's about time to get going for the day.
Knowing: everything will always work out.
Thinking: about family, and summer, and someday vacations.
Giggling: about a funny thing my brother did while trying to fall asleep.

Feeling: completely content.

p.s. you should answer these questions too!


  1. You are adorable. I'm going to have to do this!

  2. Greys Anatomy = awesome! How far are you in it?

  3. Nice. My sister wants me to start grey's anatomy, but I'm wayyyyyy too into one tree hill! I'm jealous you're graduated and living the life. Come to my clothing swap party.


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